Helena, Mont.

Mapmaker: American Publishing Co.

Helena, Mont.

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  • -- N. Am - US Cities
  • Perspective Map of The City of Helena, Mont. Capital of State, County Seat of Lewis & Clark Co. 1890.

    A mammoth rare advertising Birds Eye for the city. A prime example of the advertisisng Birds Eye where a town is sold visually for settlement and development. At the bottom, major businesses, buildings, real estate developments and even a private residence have been spotlighted, each meticulously sketched. In the view itself the entire town is layed out, street by street, and practically building by building. Throughout the town, factories or businesses belch black smoke out of tall smokestacks, which was a symbol of industry and development.

    Condition is exceptionally good with only some light marginal damp staining. Image size is 27 x 39.5 (inches).