A map for the high elevations in central asia with color coding accentuating the great elevations of the Himalayas. Interesting overview map

Mapmaker: U.S. Govt.,

High Elevations In Central Asia

c. 1955

  • China
  • Himalayas
  • nepal
  • tibet
  • High Elevations In Central Asia, US. Govt., c. 1955
    A great illustration for the worldwide anomaly that is Himalayan Range. A vast arc
    that ruptures upward from the Indian subcontinent ever pressing northward
    against Asia. With reddish colors indicating the higher elevations (reddish orange
    5000-6000 meters) (red 6000 - 8840 meters), this visualization conveys the
    dynamism of the region. Condition is very good, image size is approximately 13 x
    17 (inches)