Historic Long Island

Mapmaker: Voorhies, Stephen J.

Historic Long Island


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Historic Long Island A Map showing its Towns & Villages and the Outstanding Events during its Development over a period of more than Three Hundred Years.

    A fun map from a native's perspective on the history of Long Island. From the first thirteen tribes whose names border the image, to the colonial developments of the 1600s which surround, this map offers all the major moments for the island. In looking at the map additional vignettes identify the location of incidents up to "Camp Upton 1918" near Yaphank. A large inset shows "A Detail Map of the Dutch Settlements on Western Long Island now the Borough of Brooklyn". Colorful and attractive.

    Issued on board, condition is good with some marginal dings and some light scuffing. One point in the lower margin effects some of the border. Image size is approximately 21.25 x 28.25 (inches)