(IL. - Chicago) Chicago Harbor & Bar

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(IL. - Chicago) Chicago Harbor & Bar


  • ~Holiday~2016
  • Chicago Harbor & Bar

    It's almost jarring to consider how quickly the city would spring from the marshy banks Lake Michigan, along the river and turn into a metropolis. This large map captures the layout of a city as the landscape was being changed, reversing the flow of the river, adding to the shoreline, and more. Spans from "Pearsons Street" just above Chicago Avenue, from the shoreline and "Sand Street", and west to "Desplaines Street" and south to "Monroe Street". Identifies each slip along the river, as well as many of the major buildings such as the grain elevators or warehouses. Does includes depths throughout the rivers as well as the mouth opening into the lake. A great early map for the rapidly evolving town.

    Condition is fair, has been professionally cleaned and restored, backing on tissue by a conservator. Some loss and a close left margin. Image size is approximately 36 x 49 (inches)