(IL - Chicago) Chicago That Was.

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(IL - Chicago) Chicago That Was.


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  • "Chicago That Was."

    Issued on October 12th of 1871, there was still great confusion about the conflagration that swept across and devastated the city. By initial reports some assumed that indeed the majority of the city was leveled. This newspaper map shows the best as was known back east in Philadelphia with a map that shows the the burnt area spanning all of the lake front portion of the city, stretching across to Des Plaines St. where it was supposed to have ended. An interesting woodblock map with a wealth of text related to the event. We also include an addition newspaper from the same publisher from Oct. 10, also dealing with the matter.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 9.5 x 7.5(inches) on a sheet of 21 x 14 (inches)