(Il.- Chicago) Map of Chicago...

Mapmaker: Conley & Stelzer

(Il.- Chicago) Map of Chicago...


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  • Map of Chicago Incorporated as a Town August 5 1833

    It was meant to stop you in your tracks at the time of the World's Fair occurring for the second time in city. It shows the primitive beginning of the grid of the city's streets, a natural shoreline and rivers that looked nothing like it did when this was published, and it conveyed the feat that was the modern city.

    Notes the original land of Ft Dearborn, as well as residences, taverns, businesses and houses of worship. Shows the old roads to Detroit, Danville and Green Bay, and captures the early history of the town.

    Condition is good with some minor tears and misfolds, but those mostly marginal. Image size is approximately 18 x 25.75 (inches)