(Illinois-Chicago) Map of Cook...

Mapmaker: Rand McNally

(Illinois-Chicago) Map of Cook...


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Map of Cook And Dupage Counties. Illinois. With Part of Lake County, Indiana.

    A large folding map published at the time of the great Columbian Exposition, the Chicago World's Fair. This map expands its scope far beyond just the heavily publicized fair grounds and shows the expanse of Cook and Dupage counties as they were. Practically each township is crossed at least once by the tangle of railroad lines with only a handful of towns typically found in each. Shows roads, canals, rivers and contributing creeks, and even includes an odd historic inclusion of the old "Indian Boundary Line". A large inset for Chicago is divided by wards and detailed for rail lines. Our first encounter with this gem, and we see no prior instance of it for sale in the price record. (Magnifying glass in the photo not included!)

    Condition is good for both the map and the hard covers, though some split along map folds and a small portion of loss under the title on the right edge. Image size is approximately 27 x 37(inches)