(IN.) A New Map of Indiana...

Mapmaker: Tanner, H.S.

(IN.) A New Map of Indiana...


  • Fall Things 2020
  • (IN.) A New Map Of Indiana With Its Roads & Distances.

    About two decades from statehood, and vast change was still underway. As settlement presses ever northward, networks of roads stretch through every county with what looks like spokes headed toward the hub that was Indianapolis. To the north is the Wabash and Erie Canal, connecting the region, and beyond that is the frontier of Indian lands reserved for the "Putawatomies and Miamis". Cut into the northern edge of their reserve are four counties that cover most of the northern border of the state.

    Condition is very good with bold original hand color and very minor foxing. Image size is approximately 13.5 x 11 (inches)