(India - Mongolia) Magni Mogolis Imperium...

Mapmaker: DeWitt

(India - Mongolia) Magni Mogolis Imperium...

c. 1680
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  • - Asia & Middle East
  • Magni Mogolis Imperium de Novo Correctum et Divisum...

    Scarce, early edition of de Wit's very decorative map of the Mogul Empire. Drawn prior to the acquisition of accurate knowledge of the interior, the map shows many of the errors prevalent in the 17th century. Orissa is shown twice, as Orixa and also as Udessa. Patna is shown as lying on a tributary of the Ganges, rather than on the main river. The Ganges itself runs due north, without a westward bend. To the east of the Mogul Empire is Lake Chiamay, the fictional source of the great rivers of Southeast Asia.

    Condition is good with some small supportive repairs to tears along old handcoloring lines, but few. Image size 16.5 x 20.25 (inches).