(India - Pakistan - Nepal) Asiae X Tab:

Mapmaker: Mercator

(India - Pakistan - Nepal) Asiae X Tab:

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  • ~Catalog 62~
  • (India - Pakistan - Nepaul) Tab. X. Asiae, Complectens Indiam intra Gangem. Medius Meridianus 128, ad quem reliqui inclinati sunt ratione paral: lelorum 17 et 31.

    A later edition of Mercator's map based off the early foundational Ptolmaic work, this map shows the span of India from the Himalayas and headwaters of the great rivers, south to the tip of India and the northern coast of "Taprobonae pars" (Sri Lanka). Notes a wealth of towns and cities, and shows the major drainage and mountain chains.

    Condition is very good with attractive hand color. Image size is 14 x 18.5 (inches)