Palapa - Sistim Komunikais Satelit Domestik, Lopez- Hughes, c. 1976, Indonesia, Malay, Malaysia, Singapore, Celebes, Sulawesi, Ache, Bande Ache

Mapmaker: Lopez- Hughes

(Indonesia) Sistim Komunikasi Satelit Domestik

c. 1976
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  • Palapa - Sistim Komunikais Satelit Domestik, Lopez- Hughes, c. 1976
    Infrastructure in the heavens. First came air lanes for aviation, literal air highways that were referenced to the lands below. But now the space age took it higher with locked geosynchronis orbits where a satellite could sit, permenantly servicing just one geographical region. This is the next great step in communication and connectivity. Initiated by President Suharto in contract with Hughes this was the first Indonesia purposed satellite. And it did what was hoped for...
    "In fact, PALAPA has been, in part, responsible for the national integration of Indonesia, i.e., to link all the provinces, as well as the major industrial sites, with high quality point-to-point communications; to broadcast national radio and television down to village levels; and to support the armed forces communication networks. These were the initial goals for PALAPA".
    Here a promotional poster with map showing the diversity of the region and its cultures and how it would be connected in a new way by this piece of technology.
    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 14.5 x 19 (inches)