(Internet) Internet Road Map

Mapmaker: Anonymous

(Internet) Internet Road Map

c. 1995

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  • Mac User Internet Road Map

    It was the beginning of a new world, and no one could imagine what later become, but this lays out a bit of it's beginning, and what was available to explore. Centered on the Mac user, this map connects you with six different regions of interest, "Internet Reference Zone", "Arts and Humanities Zone", "Business and Commerce Zone", "Macintosh Resource Zone", "Government Information Zone" and the "Education and Reference Zone". In any given region there are only several "Major sites" (as described in the map legend, with several derivative "smaller sites". While this is certainly not an old map, its significance to the subject is intriguing, and the type of ephemeral artifact that wouldn't be created for long.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 24 x 36.25