The Yahoo" Internet Life -Science Fiction Star Map, Anon, 1998 early internet culture

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(Internet) The Yahoo" Internet Life -Science Fiction Star Map


The Yahoo" Internet Life -Science Fiction Star Map, Anon, 1998

An amazing array of deep interests in Science Fiction, but look beyond the subjects to review the addresses. There not are may concise domains such as the the Babylon 5 fan page (now a server switch page) It's not just the numerous geocities pages, but the, and other .edu's, but also aol, mindspring and compuserve homepages. This is the early web when genuine grass roots interests drove content. Visuals such as this were so important in a world prior to good search engines. If you didn't know that a page existed, and knew its precise address, you weren't probably going to find it. That made these large subject maps valueable, not just decorative, but something that brought you new connections and content.

This large poster was one of the classic folded "add-ins" that would have been tucked into the poly-bag that held the magazine it was issued with. These "add-ins" such as poster, small booklets, cd's, etc., were meant to add perceived value to a magazine at a time when there were numerous publications trying to make themselves look more distinctive.
Condition is very good, crisp and bright. Overall size is 25 x 37.25