(Ireland - Leinster) The Countie Of Leinster...

Mapmaker: Speed, John

(Ireland - Leinster) The Countie Of Leinster...


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  • The Countie of Leinster with The Citie Dublin Described

    The province of Leinster was first founded in 1171, and here in 1631 has grown to span from County Meath to Kings County, and south to Wexford. This map shows the towns and rivers of the region, and includes some information for terrain. A large inset shows the still small city of Dublin, with an index of over sixty locations identified. Decorative, and includes a fine compass rose and title cartouche, as well as a sea monster and ship in the nearby Irish Sea.

    Condition is good with some restoration of the lower corners and edges, and supportive repairs to the centerfold. Image size is approximately 15 x 20 (inches)