(Italy-Naples) Naples Italy

Mapmaker: Stab. Richter & Co.

(Italy-Naples) Naples Italy


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • (Italy-Naples) Naples Italy

    Almost as beautiful as the land itself, this aerial birds eye view shows one of the most picturesque areas of southern Italy, reaching from Ischia through Napoli and down to Capri, Amalfi, and Salerno. From its imaginary vantage point, we see the roads, many small towns, and all the nearby coastal islands, as well as a dramatic Mt. Vesuvius. Notes the name of many small towns, as well as “Bertolini's Palace Hotel” in Napoli, for which this advertising piece was made.

    Condition is good with some very small supportive repairs to a few corner folds. Image size is 19.5 x 39.25, full printed color.