Johnson's Map of New York

Mapmaker: Johnson

Johnson's Map of New York

c. 1864

  • - N. America -U.S.
  • Johnson's Map of New York and the Adjacent Cities.

    The Johnson company was one of the better American mapmakers of the 19th century, and were known for keeping current with all the changes that were occurring. This is a fine example of their work with bold original hand color. Here, the heart of NYC with north orientated to the right of the page. Shows Manhattan from 86th street down to the Battery (with an inset for the northern reaches of the island)and includes a good portion of nearby Brooklyn. Shoreline is still being filled to form Manhattan, as well as neighboring Jersey City. No bridges connect to Manhattan yet, so numerous ferry routes are shown both through the East River, as well as the Hudson. Condition is good with some minor marginal repairs. Surrounded by a decorative border.

    Condition is good. Image size is 17 x 23 (inches).