(Kansas) MacLean & Lawrence's Sectional Map of Kansas Territory,

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(Kansas) MacLean & Lawrence's Sectional Map of Kansas Territory,


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  • (Kansas) MacLean & Lawrence's Sectional Map of Kansas Territory

    As the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 created the two new vast western territories there was a whole new influx of settlers, but with that came the frontier of a national controversy, slavery. This is the time of “Bleeding Kansas”, of John Brown, and a pro-slavery draft of the new state constitution. This map shows 31 primitive county divisions which overlap and intersect with the Indian Reservations for “Pottawattamie”, “Kickapoo”, “Sac and Fox” and many other tribes. These land tracts were subject to numerous white settlers squatting on the reservation lands and little was done to distinguish and resolve these lands lost. With Lecompton as the capitol there were numerous towns and roads developing throughout the area, and the furthest town west on this map appears to be “Council Grove” which sat along the “Santa Fe Road” which is shown drifting through the counties heading southwest. This map takes a serious look at the rivers and tributaries of the area, also including a bit of land quality being insinuated, with dense trees lining some of the creeks.

    A really beautiful map that is uncommon and in very good condition with some minor splits along corner folds and in its original gold leafed, hard covers. Our first time to offer this beauty.
    Image size is approximately 39.5 x 39.5(inches),