(KS. - NE.) Colton's Kansas and Nebraska

Mapmaker: Colton

(KS. - NE.) Colton's Kansas and Nebraska


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Colton's Kansas and Nebraska

    A map of the development as it was, before great change would begin. While both territories had existed for six years, in the year after this map, Kansas would lose it's western reaches to the new Colorado Territory, but at the same time would become the 34th state. In both territories proposed rail lines are shown, as well as major trails ("Santa Fe Road" in KS.) and new counties are erected though unpopulated and with little information charted save for a creek or small river branch. The "Sixth Principal Meridian" has become the limit of settlement westward.

    Condition is good with typical close right margin and light age toning to the sheet. Image size is 25.5 x 16.75 (inches)