(Literary - Robin Hood) Robin Hood and his Merry Men

Mapmaker: Henry, Everett

(Literary - Robin Hood) Robin Hood and his Merry Men


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • "here took place The Adventures of Robin hood and his Merry Men From Tales of Sherwood Forest"

    The cartographic approach of "Book-as-map" has it's root in the literary maps of the 1920's and these maps by Everett Henry are a pinnacle of this thematic literary style.

    E. Everett Henry was a distinguished illustrator and cartographer, who painted these epic canvas for the Harris-Seybold company and here covers the imagined English shires where Sherwood Forest grew, as the beautiful backdrop for Robin Hood and his band's adventures.

    Condition is very good with some minor loss and old repaired tear to the lower margin, and bold color. Image size is approximately 17.5 x 24 (inches)