(Literary - US) Paul Bunyans United States

Mapmaker: Handy, R. D.

(Literary - US) Paul Bunyans United States

c. 1930

  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Paul Bunyan's pictorial map of The United States Depicting Some of His Deeds And Exploits...

    A fun and whimsical map of the nation focusing on the life and exploits of the folklore hero, Paul Bunyan. Listed as "America's only Folk-Lore Character" is stretch, as Bunyan has his roots centuries back to western Europe, but here we see him building Pikes Peak, crying the Great Salt Lake, or digging the Mississippi River. His feats are shown from Florida to Canada and from coast to coast with many regional allusions.

    Condition is good, issued on board and with bold color and only a few minor dents. Image size is 19 x 29.25 (inches)