(Long Island Sound) Long Island Sound

Mapmaker: Hassler - U.S. Coast Survey

(Long Island Sound) Long Island Sound


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • (Long Island Sound) Long Island Sound

    A thorough map for the Sound with considerable attention to the inland shores on both sides. A fine example of the attentive detail of the U.S.C.S. Including everything from roads and buildings to land quality, naming all the towns along the way. Coastal profiles flank the top and bottom, while a large inset of “Throg's Neck to the City of New York” does a spectacular job of detailing the grid of Manhattan, as well as Brooklyn and other towns up to Westchester.

    Condition is good, as the map has been professionally cleaned, restored and backed with tissue. Image size is 25 x 35.25, uncolored as issued.