(MA - Berkshires) ... Famous Berkshire Hills Region

Mapmaker: Watson, Walter

(MA - Berkshires) ... Famous Berkshire Hills Region


  • ~Catalog 62~
  • Railway and Highway Map of the Famous Berkshire Hills Region, Showing Villanges and Also Points of Interest: From Official Records. And Other Information by Walter Watson, C.E. For the Berkshire Life Insurance Co. of Pittsfield, Mass. 1883

    An interesting map from several vantages.

    While it covers a beautiful part of the country and details the roads, railroads, drainage and terrain, and does that well. It also is one of the free maps given out as an encouragement and gesture toward tourists who could bicycle throughout the countryside. Surrounded with some text related to the local Berkshire Life Insurance Co., as well as a lengthy discussion the Berkshires, with a nice vignette

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 30 x 22 (inches)