(MA.- Boston Bay) Boston Bay

Mapmaker: Egles - Snow

(MA.- Boston Bay) Boston Bay


  • ~Catalog 65~
  • (MA.-Boston) Map of Romantic Boston Bay The Shore Line from Salem Harbor to Scituate Harbor...

    Edgar Rowe Snow was a regional historian and author that focused on his native New England, and specifically Massachusetts. During his Sunday afternoon radio show he would recount the stories and legends of the area, and was a keeper of local lore. This map in conjunction with artist Robert Egles captures dozens of points of local interest from Shipwrecks and ghosts, to people of local fame, or even hangings.

    This is the type of local history that isn't easy to accumulate and condense, and is a great visual history.

    Condition is good. Size is approximately 21.25 x 16.5 (inches)