(MA. -Nantucket) Nantucket Harbor

Mapmaker: US Coast Survey

(MA. -Nantucket) Nantucket Harbor

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  • ~Fall 2019~
  • (MA. - Nantucket) Nantucket Harbor

    Another beautiful example of the refined and elegant work that the U.S. Coast Survey could create. Certainly it first gives structure to the near off shore depths and lays out a clear understanding, but it's when the chart goes inland that we are captivated. Once ashore we see roads, buildings, outlines of fields, and even hints at land quality. All this complimented by two shore profiles at top. It's hard to imagine what else you could have wanted at the time.

    Condition is good with minor soiling on lower right fold. . Image size is approximately 15 x 17.5 (inches)