Major General John C. Fremont...

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Major General John C. Fremont...


  • ~Catalog 61~
  • Major General John C. Fremont, In His Prairie Costume

    This may be one of the last images that would contribute to the mythology John C. Fremont, "the pathfinder". His career was built on his expeditions in the West which produced some foundational maps of the West, with the noted assistance of men like Kit Carson, and Charles Preuss. He sought to build his explorations into a political career, and became the first Republican candidate for President in 1856, losing the race, though building an image a the rugged leader that claimed the West.

    This would all begin to collapse just a few months after this print was made, as he was a General during the Civil War and took it upon himself to free the slaves of Missouri, a move that Lincoln feared would push some regions to southern sympathies. Lincoln revoked the emancipation and relieved Fremont of his position.

    Condition is good with some minor soiling along a fold, and some minor tears. . Image size is approximately 16 x 21.75 (inches)