(Manuscript - Antarctica) The Antarctic Regions

Mapmaker: Voorhies, Stephen J.

(Manuscript - Antarctica) The Antarctic Regions

c. 1935

  • ~Catalog 61~
  • The Antarctic Regions Where Men in Ships Have Fought Ice and Storm For Centuries

    Stephen Voorhies was a noted artist and illustrator from Long Island that created a number of significant maps for the NYC area, but did much more. This is a fine and dramatic instance of his work. This original manuscript pen and ink map for the exploration of Antarctica shows the general contours of the continent, along with a series of vignettes that includes the ships of explorers from Capt Cook (1774) to Bellinshausen (1821), Shackleton (1914) and Byrd (1934). We have never encountered the printed version of this map, nor do we see it referenced in institutional holdings.

    Condition is good for this original pen and ink map that is drawn on board, which has a slight warp, and includes some white paint corrections by the artist. Image size is approximately 17.75 x 23.75 (inches)