Map of Colorado Territory

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Map of Colorado Territory


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  • Map of Colorado Territory

    Established for just a year, Colorado was a western territory that buzzed with mining interest during the early years of the Civil War. Though primitive, this map is a giant stride beyond the map prepared a year earlier, and includes more of the towns established, and shows the surveying grid as it stretches along the front range from Pueblo up to around present day Greeley. Shows the major wagon roads, including two routes into the mountains, one up to Empire and one up to Fairplay and Lateret (Sp?) in South Park. While Breckenridge is now present, it isn't the city furthest west, it is edged out by "Oro City" which is just east of present day Leadville.

    Condition is good with the usual issues of light browning along the fold lines, and marginal loss on the left which has been extended. Image size is 16.5 x 22.5