Map of Great Adventures

Mapmaker: Haas - Bowker

Map of Great Adventures


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  • Map of Great Adventures

    An uncommon pictorial map of the world that identifies the location or setting for many great books. For instance, while "Tom Sawyer" is identified along the Mississippi River, "Kim" is shown in India, and more recent books such as "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" are also included. Several ocean tracks are noted, such as the "Voyage of the Beagle" as well as that of Capt. Cook, and Magellan. Recent historical moments are also shown, such as Byrd's flight to the north pole, as well as Pearl Harbor, noted with a half sunken ship. Insets show the British Isles, as well as "Pioneer America", which shows the northeast. In the four corners of the map are major modes of transportation from their beginning (a horse drawn carriage) to its modern means (the car).

    Condition is good for this map which is dissected and laid on canvas. Image size is 19.5 x 25.5 (inches).