Map of Philadelphia

Mapmaker: Smedley, Samuel

Map of Philadelphia


  • ~Catalog 54~
  • (WEST) Map of Philadelphia Photographically reduced from the 25 Large Sectional Drawings contained in Smedley's Complete Atlas of Philadelphia....

    Issued as part of a hardcover guidebook for the city, in conjunction with a convention of the AMA, this fine map shows the city with fine detail. From Chestnut Hill down to the Navy Yard, this map, reduced from Smedley's larger work is rich for detail of streets, rail lines and even some key buildings. Also contained in the guidebook are numerous images around the city, as well as a similarly large folding map of Fairmont Park is also present in back.

    Condition is good with some minor separations at the corner folds. Image size is 19.75 x 15, some hand color