Map of the Seat Of War

Mapmaker: Gates, James

Map of the Seat Of War

c. 1862

  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Map of the Seat of War.

    There were numerous stationary makers that were focusing on the war between the states, from the very beginning. Some made stationary with presidents and generals images, or other scenes. This small envelope has a map (with North oriented to the left) which sketches out key locations from the Delaware River to Gosport, west to Staunton, and up to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. A key identifies thirty seven different points on the map. Published in Cincinnati Ohio, it includes a crude vignette of a slave with a quote of "I'se De Innocent Cause Ob All Dis WAR TRUBBLE."

    Condition is good with some light staining. Overall size is approximately 3.25 x 5.5 (inches)