Map to Illustrate an Exploration

Mapmaker: Fremont, J. C.

Map to Illustrate an Exploration


  • ~Catalog 53~
  • Map to Illustrate an Exploration of the Country lying between the Missouri River and the Rocky Mountains, on the line of the Nebraska or Platte River, by Lieut. J.C. Fremont, of the Corps of Topographical Engineers

    This is the map issued with Fremont’s first expedition to South Pass and the area in current south east Wyoming and northeastern Colorado. The map treats the region north of St. Vrains fort including the north park and Laramie Plains area. Numerous trails and rivers are seen on the map as well as the mountains. The map is more scarce than the later Fremont maps. Wheat 464.

    Condition is good with some verso repairs and remargining to the left edge. Later hand color tastefully applied. Image size is 14 x 33 (inches).