(Mars) Shaded Relief Map of Mars
(Mars) Shaded Relief Map of Mars

Mapmaker: NASA -JPL

(Mars) Shaded Relief Map of Mars

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  • Shaded Relief Map of Mars, NASA - JPL, 1972
    Using television images sent back to earth from the Mariner 9 (which still orbits the red planet to this day), this map supplies a skeletal view of the major terrain for Mars. Not long after the victory of Apollo 11 and there was mounting effort turning to exploring Mars. Includes on the verso a wealth of text and images about the moons of Mars, several photomosaics (including one with an outline of the U.S. for scale, and even an image of Olympus Mons set on a map of California to show it nestled in between Sacramento and Los Angeles. Condition is good with some light soiling and wear, with minor fold repairs. Image size is approximately 36 x 34 (inches) $110.00