(Mexico- TX.)...Against The Mexican Rep..

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(Mexico- TX.)...Against The Mexican Rep..


  • In The News 2020
  • (Mexico- TX.) The Great European Alliance Against The Mexcan Republic. The Gulf Slop of Mexico ---The Harbor of Vera Cruz and the ....

    It's 1861. The U.S. Civil War was underway, and at the same time President Benito Juárez of Mexico decided to suspend loan payments for two years to Britain, France and Spain. And now the European tripartite loan sharks, were on they way to pay Mexico a visit. This would be the beginning of a huge fiasco where France would install an Emperor over Mexico and would struggle for control. This front page map shows the Gulf coast of Mexico, into the heart of the nation, with a good portion of southern Texas and the Gulf Coast to give context.

    This issue appeared about a week before the European landing occurred at Vera Cruz and everything began to unfold.

    Condition is very good. Image size is approximately 21.5 x 14 (inches)