Mexique Antilles et Californie

Mapmaker: Dufour, A.H.

Mexique Antilles et Californie


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  • Mexique Antilles et Californie...

    A wonderful folding map of the US and neighboring Mexico and Central America from a notable French mapmaker. A detailed engraving with original hand color, this map shows a fascinating glimpse of the western territories, with a massive Utah territory taking a vast tract of land from the western side of the continental divide to the eastern ridge of the Sierras, indeed, spilling over into present day California. Inside Texas the lands claimed by the French and German colonies are shown. Throughout the map it shows a wealth for hydrography as well as numerous key roads. An interesting study.

    Condition is very good, with some minor scuffing throughout Mexico. Printed on paper, dissected and laid on canvas. Image size is 22.25 x 30.25 (inches).