(MI.) Michigan

Mapmaker: Burr, David

(MI.) Michigan


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • Michigan

    An early Michigan map when it was still a territory just on the brink of statehood. Primitive counties which are mostly uninhabited cover the lower half of the mit, while the upper half is shown as lands of the "Ottawas & Miamies" and a considerable "Township of Michillimacinac". The Upper Peninsula continues with the "Michillimacinac County", as well as the "Chippewa County". It's unclear as to where the Upper Peninsula begins and the "Huron Territory" ends. The Huron Territory covers what would be modern Wisconsin, with the only county boundaries existing for a distinct Green Bay region.

    A rarity that we don't see that often anymore.

    Condition is good. Includes text which Image size is approximately 13 x 10.5 (inches)