(Michigan & Lake Superior) Map of

Mapmaker: Colton

(Michigan & Lake Superior) Map of


  • ~Catalog 56~
  • Map of Northern Michigan & Lake Superior - J.H. Colton.

    A very rare and early folding map by Colton in beautiful original covers. Focusing on the Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior, this hand colored map identifies the counties, islands, rivers, towns, and forts throughout, including the separating Canadian boundary as rises above the contours of Isle Royale.

    By this time the copper mining boom was in full swing, starting in the 1840's and still thriving in Ontonagon and the Keweenaw during the 1850's. Production was high, and at this time the Cliff Mine sent a memorial stone weighing 2,180 pounds composed of the copper and silver of the U.P., to the Washington Memorial. An attractive map from an interesting period, with a date of "1854" printed in the upper right, just below the scale of miles.

    Condition is very good for both the map and the covers. Image size is approximately 13 x 16(inches)