(Michigan - Upper Peninsula) Geological Map of

Mapmaker: Foster & Whitney - US Govt.

(Michigan - Upper Peninsula) Geological Map of

c. 1849

  • ~Catalog 57~
  • (Michigan - Upper Peninsula) Geological Map of the District Between Keweenaw Bay and Chocolate River. Lake Superior Michigan.

    A rare instance of Foster & Whitney's geological map disected and laid on canvas for field use. With a hand inked title on back of one of the sections titled "Foster & Whitney Iron Region", this map spans from Keweenaw Bay, down past Marquette, and shows the best of what was known of the region's interior, as well as its geology, divided into seven different strata. Small inked manuscript additions appear west of present day Marquette, as well as some pencil additions for a road or two .

    Condition is good with some old repairs and remargining. Hand color is still strong. Image size is approximately 5 x 6.25 (inches), with a surrounding text 19.5 x 24.75 (inches)