(Midwest) The Old Northwest Territory

Mapmaker: Rentschler

(Midwest) The Old Northwest Territory

c. 1935

  • ~Catalog 60~
  • (Mid West) The Old Northwest Territory The First Step Westward by the United States in its March From Sea to Sea...

    It was once the wild frontier lands that stretched beyond the Ohio river to the Mississippi River and up to the Great Lakes, quickly it evolved into series of territories and finally states. This WPA publication is perhaps the best visual reference on the history of this region. It takes the region in several insets as well as one large map and shows the development from colonial times right up to statehood. Full of vignettes for points of historical interest such as indian wars and villages, forts, and more. Also shows an inset of the proposed Jeffersonian states. Fun and colorful, but amazingly substantive.

    Condition is good with a few supportive repairs to the folds. Image size is approximately 22.25 x 16.75 (inches)