(Minnesota) Map of Minnesota Territory

Mapmaker: Cowperthwait

(Minnesota) Map of Minnesota Territory


  • ~Catalog 51~
  • (Minnesota) Map of Minnesota Territory

    A real rarity for early Minnesota and the first map of the series which kept current to the many changes that would occur in the next few years. Here, everything in between the Mississippi River and the Missouri River are divided into five horizontal counties, which are full of identification for rivers, lakes, and even a few native villages, as well as the position of the tribes, but hardly anything for US settlements. It does not a few Indian Agencies and forts with an interesting notation for Ft. Mandan which also mentions “Lewis & Clarkes Wintering place 1804-5”. A great rarity.

    Condition is good with a typically close margin, and a slight tear into the image at the bottom that is very finely repaired and hard to spot. Image size is 13.5 x 16.25, full hand color .