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  • Mitchell's Travelling Guide Through the United States. A Map of the Roads, Distances, Steam Boat & Canal Routes...

    If you were a settler heading for the frontier states, or a shipper or traveler trying to grasp the layout of the young nation, this was the guide you needed. Showing the divisions of the states and territories from New England to the expansive "Indian Territory" that lay beyond Missouri and "Arkansas Territory", this map showed the major roads and towns. While there are still geographical distortions, such as the contour of Michigan and "Wisconsin Territory", most is sound, and immediately identifiable. Insets surround the main map showing urban centers from the "Vicinity of New York" or Boston to "Vicinity of Cincinnati" and New Orleans. Bold original hand color outlines the entire map, and is complete with its original leather covered guide book.

    Condition good with a repaired opening tear, and a few small separations at corner folds. Image size is 17 x 21.25 (inches).