(MN.,WI.,IA.,Il.,MO.) Geological Map of Wisconsin, Iowa...

Mapmaker: Owen, David Dale

(MN.,WI.,IA.,Il.,MO.) Geological Map of Wisconsin, Iowa...

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  • ~Fall 2019~
  • (MN.,WI.,IA.,Il.,MO.- Geological) Geological Map Of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota: Exhibiting, also, the extension of the Iowa Coal-field into Missouri, and its relation to the Illinois Coal-field. Constructed from observations fby the United States Geological Corps...

    Beautifully hand colored to show the major geological formations, this is a map of a young science being used in the new states and terrritories of the central Midwest. The simple base map shows the major hydrography along with towns and placenames. Spans from some of the most remote parts of the boundary waters and the northern shores of Minnesota to as far south as the Osage River in Missouri. A large inset at top addresses the northern shores of Lake Superior.

    A favorite map showing the progression of understanding of the Midwest , and not something we see as commonly as we used to.

    Condition is very good, with some minor fold repairs. Image size is approximately 43.75 x 26.5 (inches)