(MO.-St Louis) Harbor of St. Louis

Mapmaker: US Government

(MO.-St Louis) Harbor of St. Louis


  • ~Catalog 63~
  • No. 3. Map of the Harbor of St. louis, Mississippi River. Oct. 1837. Surveyed by Lt. R. E. Lee Corps of Engineers...

    It was the major city on the brink of the frontier, and was nestled on the mighty Mississippi River. The city of St Louis had one issue and that was the nagging problem of the docks silting up and making boats docking more and more of a hassle. A young Robert E. Lee was then part of the U.S. Corps of Engineers and devised a dyke that would extend past one of the islands in the channel to speed up the current. This map shows the project, but also includes the grid of the city of Saint Louis as it was, and notably the location of nearby "Indian Mounds". While the Illinois side is shown with "Cahokia Creek", and a few buildings, little else is noted.

    Condition is good, with some light discoloration to the old seam. The sheet has been lined with tissue. Image size is approximately 16 x 41 (inches)