(Montana) Montana

Mapmaker: Hardesty

(Montana) Montana

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  • ~Catalog 52~
  • (Minnesota - Wisconsin) Sectional Map of The Surveyed Portion of Missesota and the Northwestern Part of Wisconsin

    We are partial to the maps of the western states by Hardesty, as they can catch things other mapmakers sometimes omitted. This nice map for Montana shows the substance of settlement, as well as the terrain and hydrography. But it also includes interesting notations, such as the location of “Fort Browning (Abandoned and burnt 1873)”, or noting the roads “Surveyed by Capt. Clifton” and “Bvt. Maj. Gen. W.B.Hazen”. Condition is good, some marginal staining.

    Image size is 13.5 x 20, printed outline color.