Morley's Map of New Mexico

Mapmaker: Morley

Morley's Map of New Mexico


  • ~Catalog 53~
  • Morley's Map of New Mexico

    It's the first folding map to show just New Mexico. Morley, the map maker was an amazing young man who at age 26 took on the management of the Maxwell Land Grant in northern New Mexico, and as a means of promotion made this map. This was an advance for the territory's geography as it incorporated first-hand scouting of parts of the territory that hadn't been addressed in previous government mapping. While it gives attention to the north and area around the grant, is specifically augmented what was known of the Datil and Gila Rivers as well as the San Augustine plains. Showing the many land grants and Indian reservations, it includes the roads and numerous proposed railroads.
    An amazing piece of Southwestern history, and our first time to offer this map.

    Condition is good with some cropping to the surrounding decorative border, but above average integrity to the map, with solid folds and no harsh toning from age. Image size is 24 x 24.5 (inches).