(Music-Chicago) Chicago Jazz Spots

Mapmaker: P.E. Miller & R.M. Jones

(Music-Chicago) Chicago Jazz Spots


  • ~Spring 2019~
  • Chicago Jazz Spots 1914-1928 Redrawn From The Original Map By Paul Eduard Miller - Richard M. Jones...

    An improbable creation for the time, when just the name "Jazz" had some bad connotations, the style of music itself was deemed "Colored" at a time of post-war segregation when Black culture was edited and repackaged, or forcibly ignored. But here, we have a Jazz map of the city of Chicago, acknowledging the downtown overall, and then two insets that look at 31st and State Street, and another for 35th and State Street. Notes Cafes and theaters block by block, but also includes the neighboring barbershops, music stores, restaurants, etc.

    A great document for an era when Jazz was cutting-edge and risky, before it was subdued into being "America's Classical Music".

    We so wish that more musical genres and their local scenes had been documented in the same way.
    Image size is approximately 15.5 x 23 (inches),