(Music-Nick Cave) The Riddle Map

Mapmaker: Golan, Emek & Gan

(Music-Nick Cave) The Riddle Map


  • ~Spring 2019~
  • Nick Cave - The Riddle Map

    An amazing portrait of musician, author, actor, Nick Cave. Here showing him as a map inhabited by dozens of vignettes taken from his music. A complex image that captures something of Cave's intensity and complexity. Emek's process of soaking in the music for a time, meeting the artist and then resting to let the images arrive has worked for him consistently over the decades, and this might be one of his most unique examples.

    This map includes a key which identifies each of the 50 vignettes, and their song of origin. A limited edition signed by the artist #17/333.

    To learn more about Emek and the making of this print, you can listen to an interview with him here... https://soundcloud.com/user-567382457-870878951/emek-conveying-the-intangible



    Condition is very good. Size is approximately 29.25 x 23.75 (inches)