(Music-Thematic) The Massive Map of Hip-Hop...

Mapmaker: Pop Chart Lab

(Music-Thematic) The Massive Map of Hip-Hop...


  • Spring Things 2020
  • The Massive Map of Hip-Hop Monikers

    A giant taxonomy that organizes decades of rap artist by thematic nodes related to their names. Structuring artists around their names including "Big" or "Schooling" may not sound like an innovation, but it is an uncommon moment to tie together different generations of the genre, that might not have an immediate link, but now are realized to have a deeper bond in the ongoing musical evolution. One might never think of a link between (the late) "Nipsey Hustle" and 1980's acts like "Whodini", but connected under a node of titled "Named After Performers and Characters", and the greater patterns of the culture start to emerge.

    Another interesting work from the Pop Chart folks, and this larger print on thick gloss stock is getting hard to find at all.

    Condition is good, with a few small repaired tears and very minor punctures that don't mar the strength of the image. Overall size is approximately 40 x 60 (inches)