(Music-U.S. Country & Western) (U.S.)

Mapmaker: Smith - Moore

(Music-U.S. Country & Western) (U.S.)


  • Spring Things 2020
  • (Country & Western U.S.)

    A beautiful pictorial tribute to the film, radio and music stars that brought about the Country and Western culture. While done in the mid-1950's it catches the tail end of the Texas/Western swing style of music, and includes notations for the birthplaces of the great Bob Wills, as well as Ann Jones. Notes Film and T.V. stars such as Whip Wilson, Gabby Hayes and Ken Curtis. And notes the far flung musical culture that reached from Nova Scotia and Maine to Florida, Texas, and California. An interesting take on what was important to people invested in the world.

    Condition is very good. Size is approximately 13 x 18.25 (inches)