Lamosangu to Mt Everest trekking map from Mandala maps with simple Nepali Glossary
Early trekking Himalaya map for Nepal to Mt Everest with simple nepali glossary

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(Nepal) Lamosangu to Mt Everest Trekking Map


  • Kathmandu
  • Mt Everest
  • Nepal
  • Nepali
  • (Nepal) Lamosangu to Mt Everest Trekking Map, Mandala Maps, 1971
    This is the rise of of accessible climbing in the Himalayas. What had been scarce
    and unthinkable climbs in decades prior, all of a sudden becomes a geographical
    frontier for climbers to explore. Targeting the climber that was new to the area,
    the map includes a large "Simple Nepali Glossary" for practical needs, and even
    the points noted on the map include "Guest House for Sleeping", "Market on
    Saturdays" or "Shop with basic commodities". Issued on a average paper with
    functional quality. Condition is good with some corner folds with minor loss,
    some fold separations.