(New York City)  Map of the Original Grants

Mapmaker: Valentine, T.

(New York City) Map of the Original Grants


  • ~Catalog 54~
  • Map of the Original Grants of village lots from the Dutch West India Company to the inhabitants of New - Amsterdam, (now New - York) lying below the present line of Wall Street.

    Our first encounter with this historical look at the tip of Manhattan. While today it is thought of as the financial district, this map shows the earliest configurations of the original Dutch land tracts. With bold original hand color it shows each of the patches of land, who the owner was and many times the date when granted. Shows the footprint of the Fort at the island's tip, as well as the streets and ditches. surrounded with a decorative border.

    Condition is good with some repairs, including a tear into the blank portion of the image. Some small repairs. Image size is 16.5 x 20.5, original hand color